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We are specialists in engine tuning, ECU remapping and warning light issues for all makes and models. We have our own in house software engineer, Ryan can tailor your Engine ECU software and remap it to your exact specification. We prevent any inconvenience of dealing with a third party, RH Tuning actually do the entire job. So if you have any issues we are always ready and available to help.

If you have been told that your car cannot be tuned then do not despair in our experience this usually means that you are not speaking to the right person. Have you been told that your engine ECU needs to be sent off to have the map done? If this is the case you do not know who is mapping your car as the person who is sending your ECU away is clearly not. At RH Tuning all of our engine tuning for Plymouth and surrounding area is done in house, some cars are mapped through the diagnostic socket and some directly to the engine ECU commonly know as bench tune.

RH Tuning can also tune most types auto gearboxes giving you faster/ smoother gear changes. The Volkswagen DSG gearbox is a fine example we have developed class leading software to exploit the true potential of these gearboxes. Give us a call today to ask about our Gearbox tuning.

There are many great side effects from RH Tuners engine tuning / engine re mapping service, here are just some of those that our customers have been most impressed by -

  • All customers report a marked improvement in there driving experience.
  • Under acceleration, our customers vehicles feel more reactive and benefit from improved throttle response.
  • The smooth acceleration which our engine tuning/ engine re mapping provides enables our customers to carry out safer overtaking and experiance better all-round performance.
  • As the vehicle is being provided with more power earlier on in the rev ranges, fewer gear changes are required, which will ensure a more enjoyable and relaxing drive.

All of our Engine Tuning is carried out specifically for your car on the day, we never use off the shelf tuning files we believe this to be the best way to carry out Engine tuning and as we are the best we only offer the best!!

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